展出 Exhibition (2009.3.25 - 2009.4.18)

听与说 苏道文 绘画作品展
Speaking & Listening Paintings by Miki Hsu Leavey

Interacting with Artwork - Viewers are asked to freely manipulate and arrange artist’s work.



她绘制这些作品的动力源自 2003 年,当她的国家介入

Miki Hsu Leavey’s work is about the nature of our conversations. The paintings of “Speaking & Listening” are results of dialogues between the artist and the brush
strokes. They also extend such dialogues to the interaction and engagement that we are sometime indifferent to. The layering of abstract strokes and shapes on the canvas reveals rather than conceals. They reflect on how we give out and how we receive messages, both visual and verbal. In her work, she asks the question: what part does language, personal experience, values and culture play?

The impetus for “Speaking & Listening” started in 2003
when the country that she lives in went to war, when the accuracy of information and the rationale for this action came into question and when real harm and real consequences came to many on multiple levels. She examined those decisions and consequences on the canvas. These paintings are her personal statement that challenges our ignorant being of not speaking or listening clearly, on micro and macro levels.

你的看法 The Way You See It
丙稀颜料, 画布 Acrylic on canvas, 20x26 cm 共225块, Total 225 panels

当河流说话的时候 When the River Talks
丙稀颜料, 画布 Acrylic on canvas, 244x122 cm

说起巴哩岛 Speaking of Bali
丙稀颜料, 画布 Acrylic on canvas, 150x30 cm


头对心 Head vs. Gut
丙稀颜料, 画布 Acrylic on canvas, 122x158 cm



限制的对话 Restricted Converations
丙稀颜料, 画布 Acrylic on canvas, 122x158 cm

私语里的真实 Truth Through Whispers
丙稀颜料, 画布 Acrylic on canvas, 127x152 cm

听与说 Speaking and Listening
丙稀颜料, 画布 Acrylic on canvas, 122x158 cm



对话的层次 Layers of Conversations
丙稀颜料, 画布 Acrylic on canvas, 173x147 cm

浪涛 Groundswell
丙稀颜料, 画布 Acrylic on canvas, 244x60 cm

新意的源泉 Spring of New Ideas
丙稀颜料, 画布 Acrylic on canvas, 244x152 cm