展出 Exhibition (2007.1.2 - 1.30)

“都市躯壳” Nicola Broekhuysen 摄制作品展
Urban Crust
A Photographic Exhibition by Nicola Broekhuysen






The exhibition draws an unusual portrait of Shanghai by peeling back its layers to reveal the city beyond its initiallyobvious impressions. I realised that on every wall, every pavement, and every surface lies the residue and reality of Shanghai. Every mark, every trace is a story left spilled. Whether it is the peeling paint of a weathered wall, the slow growth of moss or the splashes of paint over un-wanted graffiti. All combine together creating a landscape of images and textures that is Shanghai.

The works are created through the capturing of “a marking”. The images are multiplied, compositions emerge and forms are created. The result is a work that in many ways resembles a painting in appearance yet is in fact a photograph. It is this “blurring of the edges” between photography and painting that creates an interesting dialogue between the two mediums. The photographs are not just paintings that have been photographed and documented but rather they in themselves take on the quality and process of painting.

The forms that emerged exist as intuitive expressions of the city and the energy that it creates. Each work resemblesa visual imprint of the city.