展出 Exhibition (2010.4.10 - 5.16)

Henrik Drescher 绘画、装置作品展
Paintings and Installation by Henrik Drescher

Henrik Drescher 作为一位著名的插画家,他的作品曾经在《纽约时报》、《时代杂志》、《滚石杂志》等刊登。同时,他也是一位多产的艺术家,作品的种类丰富-包括书籍艺术、大幅绘画、装置等。作品源自他游历世界各地时的“笔记本”-各种绘画形象、回收的照片和纪念印刷品等的集册。


著名的文化评论家 Johanna Drucker 这样描述Henrik Drescher 的作品: “... 看上去如狂热的百科全书般的新时代 Sears(美国邮购零售商)和 Roebuck(服饰品牌)的邮购商品目录,包含着所有出现在有机历史和人类记忆过程中的元素。

Henrik Drescher 的作品被美国国家图书馆、纽约现代美术馆、洛杉矶 Getty 艺术馆、英国Victoria And Albert 博物馆等收藏。

Henrik Drescher, a well-known illustrator whose work has appeared in
many publications, including New York Times, Time Magazine, and
Rolling Stone, is also a prolific artist who creates a wide range of works
from art books, large paintings and installation. Most of his works derive
from his "notebooks" which he has created during journeys around the
world. Imagery in his "notebooks" is a collection of free-spirited drawings,
scrapped photographs and printed ephemera.

His installation Nervenet, which the exhibition is named after, is an
extension of his notebook work. The armature is built from discarded wire
picked up in the streets of China and North America. The piece examines
the connections between people ideas and history.

In describing Henrik Dreschers work, cultural critic Johanna Drucker
wrote " has the look of some manically encyclopedic new age Sears
and Roebuck mail order catalog of all the elements that ever existed in the
course of organic history and human memory."

Drescher's works are in collections of the US Library of Congress, the
Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles,
and the Victoria And Albert Museum in London.

神经网络 Nervenet
混合材料 Mixed media, variable size

醉酒者 #1-#6 Drunks #1-#6
混合材料、纸本 Mixed media on paper, 152x120cm

Lost Hi-way
画布、混合材料 Mixed media on canvas, 210x176cm
Holy Holy
画布、混合材料 Mixed media on canvas, 210x163cm
Tears of Joy, Love Faker, Replacement, I’m O.K.

混合材料,镜框 Mixed media, framed, 55x68cm
Disinfected, Envy

混合材料,镜框 Mixed media, framed, 75x70cm

Concrete Dreams

混合材料,镜框 Mixed media, framed, 79x124cm

散发器 #1-#18 Radiators #1-#18
混合材料,纸本 Mixed media on paper, 36x26cm