展出 Exhibition (2009.11.07 - 11.29)

破碎的花朵 Broken Flowers
Vivienne Flesher 绘画作品展
Paintings and Photography by Vivienne Flesher


Vivienne Flesher 作品中强有力的形象充满了诱人的图画意境-欢快、挑拨、参与及诱惑。感情和知觉转变成形体。这些形象来源于层出不穷的颜色、纹理和光芒所激发出的美丽。”

- Clive Dilnot

Vivienne Flesher 近期的摄影和绘画作品被刊登在纽约时报、
华盛顿邮报、LA杂志、O杂志等,并在肯尼迪中心 JAPAN! 展览

Vivienne Flesher’s powerful images are sensuous pictorial events made to delight and provoke, to engage and seduce. Emotion and sensation are transmuted into figures and objects. Motivating and energizing her images is the beauty of layered color, pattern and radiant light.”

- Clive Dilnot
Carpenter Centre for the Visual Arts
and the Graduate School of Design,
Harvard University

Vivienne Flesher’s photographs and drawings have recently appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Magazine, O Magazine and The Kennedy Center’s JAPAN! exhibit. This is her first show of new large scale paintings and photography.