目前展出 Exhibition (2009.6.20 - 7.19)

知觉的领域 定光琴 绘画作品展
The Realm of Perception Paintings by Mediha Ting

开幕、艺术家招待酒会 Opening/Artist Reception: 2009.6.20 (Saturday 星期六) 16:00-20:00



Artist Mediha Ting grew up and has lived in many places around the world- Hong Kong, Taiwan, the US and the UK. The influences of these cultures are reflected haphazardly in her art. Sometimes these influences merge ambiguously and she often finds herself caught in dual-identity, when certain beliefs and action become dubious, and contradictions and paradoxes arise within.

“The Realm of Perception” series in this exhibition explores her interests in the perception of cultural identity, the relation of inner and outer world, and the state of consciousness and unconsciousness. Her works focus on different aspects of duality that are conveyed by a process of vigorously revealing of self-expression, fragmenting the surfaces and images, and then reconnecting them. She indulges in the act of overt confession in Western style, and at the same time, her Chinese upbringing reminds her the impulse to shy away from revealing emotions that are hidden underneath layers of imageries and texts.

The extreme intensified colors in these paintings are drawn from urban nightscapes and they are bold and luring. Yet much darker consciousness is embedded behind the intriguing patterns made from giant stencils of motifs of Chinese and Western culture. She creates visual and conceptual tension and depth in the multitudes of layers.

The other series “Tip of Consciousness” is a much more playful and light-hearted exploration. Her child-like renderings often consist of images of sentimental objects from her childhood, private notes and personal letters that represent her inner world. She puts them together against imageries of the larger world with a subtle sinister twist. She investigates the connecting point of inner and outer world in reminiscence of objects, imageries and language.







“对立的自我” Polarized Self
oil on canvas, 160x150cm

“对立的自我” Polarized Self
oil on canvas, 160x150cm


“意识的尖端"系列 Tip of Consciousness Series
oil on canvas, 46x46cm each

“知觉的领域”系列 The Realm of Perception Series
oil on canvas, 80x80cm each

“合流”系列 The Confluence Series
ink and acrylic on canvas, 80x80cm each