展出 Exhibition

2007.6.29 - 7.30


Me, The Picture Maker
An Exhibition of New Paintings by Jianwei Fong




即将展出的“我,图画制作人” 是他在上海的第二次个展。以街头广告牌和放大的网络页面为画布和背景,冯健伟将山水国画、文化符号、及传统绘画体裁与这些直白的视觉资讯并置在一起。看似冲突的元素混合在大幅的作品中,旨在对快速蜕变社会中的审美和价值提出疑问。如作者所说:“当前经济的快速增长及西方流行文化正在不断改变中国的传统价值。中国当代文化个性正处于被重新定位的阶段,我希望抓住这个契机”。在他尝试寻找这个时代的新个性的同时,冯健伟也正通过他的艺术去寻找自我的定位和个性。

前言:Anita Luu

Mr. Jianwei Fong brings a witty, critical and sometimes cynical point of view to his art. He attributes his unique approach to art-making to his dual identities as an outsider and insider, arisen from living in the U.S. and China.

The upcoming exhibition, Me, The Picture Maker, is his second solo show in Shanghai. Using advertising billboards and blown-up website pages as backdrops, Jianwei juxtaposes these in-your-face visual information with imageries drawn directly from Chinese landscape paintings, cultural symbols and traditionally depicted objects. He combines these seemingly conflicting elements into large paintings that question the aesthetic and cultural value in the context of a fast changing society. As Jianwei describes it, "The current economic explosion and Western pop culture constantly shift traditional Chinese values. I'm trying to capture this moment as contemporary Chinese cultural identity is in the process of being defined." As he tries to grasp what this new identity is, Jianwei also defines himself through his art.

by Anita Luu