展出 Exhibition (2007.6.1 - 6.26)

Ward Schumaker 绘画作品展

I Am Big Heaven
An Exhibition of paintings by Ward Schumaker



Ward Shumaker 先生是一位多才的艺术家,他的作品曾被广泛展出和出版。这次展出的一系列作品混合剪刻的文字及熟练流畅的绘
画笔触,是他过去5年来手工制作艺术书籍积累下来的登峰之作。画面上的文字取自于如印度教诗歌、欧洲音乐剧(Brecht and Weill’s The Three Penny Opera) 等文学作品以及艺术家本人的梦境,同时这些文字的本身也成为了画中的抽象视觉元素。


Ward Schumaker, a widely published, exhibited and versatile artist, has created a series of large works on paper employing cut-paper texts, paint spills and deft brushwork--the culmination of five years of almost exclusive book-making. The texts can be read as abstract shapes or they can be read literally- the texts are derived from the Hindu Gitas, European musical theater (Brecht and Weill’s The Three Penny Opera), and the artist’s dreams.

On the occasion of this exhibition, artist’s printed edition of his handmade book Elixir Refused will be published.A visual peotry, this book is a great example of his art of book-making. The artist will be signing the book at the opening reception.