展出 Exhibition (2008.9.1 - 10.26)


Stir Gallery Reopening Exhibition




The exhibition features works by Wu Wing Yee, Henrik Drescher, Mediha Ting, Chris Rekrutiak, Jianwei Fong, Miki Hsu Leavey, Ward Schumaker, and Yan De Xiu.

Works in the exhibition deal with the theme of searching for identities in both cultural and personal level. These artists have travelled extensively and lived in many places and cultures around the world. Such experiences are reflected in their art that takes views of the artists themselves and the world around them in an unique perspective.

Hong Kong born artist Wu Wing Yee has spent a large part of her time living in Mainland China, North America and Europe. Her global trotting experience often brings up questions about issues dealing with belonging and identity. Wu works in various media including ceramic sculptures, installations and drawings. Her works are about finding simplicity in a complicated and fast moving world. Using traditional materials but unconventional interpretation and process, Wu reduces her work to the essence of art making, and of life experience. Wu's works have been exhibited internationally and collected by various museums.

Two other artists, Mediha Ting and Jianwei Fong, also share similar experience of being growing up in Chinese culture and living in the West. The exposure to multi-cultures allows them to draw comparisons in cultural context when examining their own identities. Ting's expressionistic oil paintings, often titled Modern Nomad, explore her experience as one who constantly moves from one culture to the other. Fong's large paintings employ Chinese advertising billboards as backdrops. In a witty but straightforward way, he paints traditional images over the 痢in-your-face帘 commercialistic icons. His works question about aesthetic and cultural values in China's social and economic explosion. In the process, Fong is searching for his own identity.

Widely exhibited artist Ward Schumaker takes a different approach in redefining oneself. His paintings on paper are often layered with cut and stenciled texts derived from enigmatic verses including his own dreams. With deft brush works, the artist takes the creative process into a concentration of thoughts.

Chinese American artist Miki Hsu Leavey creates abstract paintings
that have evolved with the sensibility of her Asian heritage.

Henrik Drescher, a talented artist and also an acclaimed illustrator, has published numerous picture books and his works are in collections of major museums in the US and the UK. Drescher was born in Denmark, raised in the US, and since has lived extensively in New Zealand, India, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and China. Drescher's works have grown out of his "notebook" which he created during his journeys around the world. The free-spirited and restless lines and shapes in his works are the results of Drescher'swild imagination and fascination, and of his experiences as a world traveler.


本次展览推出胡咏仪、Henrik Drescher、定光琴、Chris Rekrutiak、冯健伟、苏道文、Ward Schumaker 及 晏德秀 的作品。




多次展出过作品的Ward Schumaker用另一种方式去重新自我评定。他的纸本绘画上常常出现刀刻和漏印的文字,这些奈人寻味的文字来自不同的诗词及艺术家的梦境。用熟练流畅的笔触,他把艺术创作过程带进浓缩的思索里。


富有才华的艺术家,同时也是出色的插画家Henrik Drescher 曾出版过大量的书册作品,作品被美国、英国等主要的美术馆收藏。在丹麦出生、美国长大的他,一直长时间旅居在世界各地,包括新西兰、印度、东南亚、南美、欧洲及中国。旅途中不断创造的“记事本”是他作品的源泉,而作品中不羁和不休止的线条和形体则来源于他丰富的想像、好奇及一个旅行者的体验。


  胡咏仪 Wu Wing Yee

Henrik Drescher

Ward Schumaker

定光琴 Mediha Ting

冯健伟 Jianwei Fong
苏道文 Miki Hsu Leavey