展出 Exhibition

2007.11.27 - 12.31

“现实的另一面” 晏德秀 摄影作品展
The Other Side of Reality
An Exhibition of Photography by Yan De Xiu






In the age that cameras and computers have become integrated creative tools, how do we define reality through the art of photography? With his keen sensibility, Yan De Xiu has created this visually intriguing body of work, which tells us that the act and content of expression are most valuable in creative process.

Objects in the works have been pulled out of their real being and then frozen in a moment of a gaze - the images of eerie silence, the state of madness, the condensation of thoughts, and the calm excitement. As the artist puts it, "human is a species of emotion. They are made to express their emotions. You long for their collision and friction that cause to spark, even just for a split of a second. That excites us. But in the pace of reality, there are too many barriers and indifference between people, and between people and their surroundings. We've learned to hind our innermost truth and press it deep down. In what we called the reality, we and our surroundings would have become like fossils from ancient time, so stiff and so horrifying!"

The artist is trying to struggle and free himself from such an horrifying feeling. And as a result, his work presents to us "the other side of reality".